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These officers then proceeded by caging Xenu in and trapping him inside a mountain on one of several Federation's planets. Hubbard believes that Xenu remains to be there, supposedly alive. In keeping with Hubbard, the position the place all this occurred has endured seriously and continues to be bare.

A lot of body thetans 'have been asleep for the final seventy five million decades'? They guaranteed outdo Sleeping Splendor! And when the Scientologist has rid himself of 1 of those human body thetans, the minimal thingies may get a overall body of their own. They even like daisies! Exactly where's each of the sci-fi gone, I ponder, as well as horror?

In one other universes, other items occurred. All thetans on this planet and on twenty-a single close by stars have Incident II and 'R6' in prevalent. Hubbard refers to those twenty-two planets as 'the Confederation'.

This concept is recognized as “truthful game” from the church, meaning attackers of Scientology might be “tricked, sued or lied to or ruined” if it retains them from speaking out in opposition to Scientology. Still, Rinder remains an “eternally idiotic optimist,” looking ahead to the day his family reunites with him, even though they have due to the fact spoken out in opposition to him a number of occasions in Scientology videos.

The folks were being killed along with the thetans (or spirits) collected, frozen in a mix of glycol and alcohol, and introduced to Earth where they were being put near volcanoes which ended up exploded with hydrogen bombs.

It is a disgrace he doesn't give more information. He was a sci-fi writer, was not he? So surely he should really have been capable of arrive up with a little something. Now I can't help but think about this movie of Johnnie Mnemonic and his

was published in electronic sort, and Mr Filbert has specified it to the public domain in the autumn of 1994. It is, amongst Other individuals, obtainable by way of The us On the web and continues to be given that December 1994.

On OT III, the individual finds "system thetans" by locating any sensation of stress or mass in their entire body. This is often dealt with "telepathically" like a cluster, and taken with the cluster-earning incident of 75 million several years in the scientology beliefs on creation past. When This really is finished, the person entire body thetans really should be available to be taken by way of possibly the same incident or via incident 1.

Though the evil Lord Xenu experienced well prepared for this. Xenu didn't want their souls to return! And so he crafted big soul-catchers during the sky! The souls had been taken to a tremendous soul Mind-washing facility, which Xenu experienced also developed on Earth. There the souls ended up forced to look at days of brainwashing substance which tricked them into believing a Fake reality. Xenu then unveiled the alien souls, which roamed the earth aimlessly in a fog of confusion. With the dawn of man, scientology beliefs about jesus the souls lastly found bodies which they can get onto. They attached them selves to all mankind, which nevertheless to today brings about all our fears, our confusions, and our problems. President of Scientology to character Stan Marsh on South Park (November sixteen, 2005) "Trapped while in the Closet", Season nine, Episode twelve.

But we managed to uncover Aaron Poulin’s prison rates, and we informed Marie that he was facing a rely of disorderly perform and another misdemeanor cost — loitering with intent to dedicate prostitution.

of this Management and alternate Management. Possibly It is really just for the heck of it; after all, they're horrible implanted minimal bastards. It really is even rather common to seek out there are clusters made up outside of clusters:

Confounding of possess thoughts or perhaps the impact of Other individuals. Strengthening of power to scientology beliefs south park true smoothly Command Some others by

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A 'South Park' episode from 2005 correctly describes Scientology's unbelievable idea of how the world began

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